Our Mission is your recovery

The GateHouse Sober Community is a group of recovery homes purpose-built to help you craft a life in sobriety. We’re a 12 step recovery program with an emphasis on evidence-based treatment methods. Our commitment to your sobriety is unwavering; our sober community is the perfect place to begin a new way of living. Located in southern New Hampshire, we’re just forty-five minutes north of Boston, Massachusetts. We take recovery personally here; and your individual needs, goals, and aspirations can become your reality. See how our sober community can become your sober reality.

With Sobriety Came Great Responsibility

GateHouse started with a dream and a mission – to help those still struggling with substance abuse. From our humble beginnings with just one sober living home, to our growth over the last several years, our mission hasn’t changed. Today, GateHouse Sober Community has grown into multiple sober homes and substance abuse programs spread out across the Nashua, NH area. With gender specific treatment options for both men and women, our sober community is the perfect jumpstart for building a life in sobriety.

How did GateHouse Start?

After Nathan Irvine (GateHouse Treatment’s Founder) discovered recovery, he set his ambitions towards helping others find the same freedom from active addiction. GateHouse Sober Community began as a small 10-bed sober living where Nathan would help people to find sponsors, jobs, and accountability while learning how to not use alcohol and drugs. When he started GateHouse, even his wildest dreams couldn’t encompass what GateHouse has become – a safe place for thousands of sick and suffering addicts and alcoholics to seek refuge and learn how to live clean and sober. Since our humble beginnings, we have always maintained the simple purpose the 12 steps taught us – spread the message of hope and help others acquire the tools needed to remain sober.

GateHouse Sober Living is a refuge for sick and suffering addicts and alcoholics. We pride ourselves on providing a safe space where you can pursue personal growth, develop sober coping skills and build lasting sobriety. In addition to delivering evidence-based therapies, support groups, and individual counseling, we have a number of activities and events to build camaraderie, develop social skills, and have fun in sobriety. You will partake in house activities such as volunteering, hiking trips, and outdoor team building activities. GateHouse Sober Community offers structured sober living programs for men and women who want to build sober and fulfilling lives. We will guide you towards that life of sobriety – one step at a time. Ask any of the thousands of GateHouse alumni about our program, and they can tell you about the impact our community has had in helping them build ongoing recovery.

“I was able to find some people that I care about, they care about me, that I trusted, that said, ‘This is what we do to stay sober.’”

GateHouse Client,
Nashua, New Hampshire

Nearby Mine Falls Park

Nearby Mine Falls Park

Growth Comes From Change

In 2011, GateHouse had exploded from one house to two, from 10 beds to 27. A mission of that size requires help, and that’s what Nathan did. He reached out to people who had the same mindset as him: help others reach long-term sobriety and live a life worth living without drugs and alcohol. Our growth has always been focused around that simple idea, and helping people live fulfilling lives in sobriety will always be our main purpose. GateHouse is “Where sobriety becomes a way of life,” and the thousands of men and women who have been through our programs are living proof of that. The GateHouse Sober Community executive and management teams are all people united by that common goal, and it drives everything we do.

What is GateHouse Today?

GateHouse has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings as a single house in New Hampshire and a man with a dream. GateHouse now has locations in both Nashua, New Hampshire and West Palm Beach, Florida. We still provide anyone suffering from addiction the same simple solution that has helped save countless lives. GateHouse now has multiple levels of care, and we use a clinical approach, along with 12 step integration. This allows us to provide you with the strong foundation necessary to maintain long-term sobriety.

This is still just the start of a lifelong mission. GateHouse continues to help break the vicious cycle of addiction so many have fought for years. Sobriety isn’t built in a vacuum; it truly requires the help and support of others. Our community can become your sobriety. Experience the GateHouse Sober Community difference for yourself today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the criteria for Gatehouse Sober Living?

You’re a male or female at least 18 years of age. You have recently graduated from an addiction treatment center or a sober living facility. Your treatment center or sponsor has recommended sober living.

Is drug testing mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory. You will need to submit to random drug testing. We’re 100% committed to ensuring our sober communities are safe and sober spaces.

If accepted, what should I bring?

Please bring clothes and toiletries; we provide linens for you.

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